Yokohama AVID ENVigor
Yokohama's new AVID ENVigor takes the daily drive to new heights in performance, confidence and comfort. This remarkable tire features specialized compound technology. It offer excellent traction and handling, superior comfort, long tread life and remarkable fuel efficiency

Yokohama Tire Corporation
601 S. Acacia Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92831-5197
Phone: (714) 870-3800
Yokohama AVID H4S

Others to consider (size 225/ 40-18)
Tire Size Comparison
Spec.     Sidewall  Radius Diameter Circumference Difference
225/50-16    4.4in  12.4in   24.9in        78.1in       0.0%
225/40-18    3.5in  12.5in   25.1in        78.8in       0.9%
235/40-18    3.7in  12.7in   25.4in        79.8in       2.2%
245/40-18    3.9in  12.9in   25.7in        80.8in       3.5%

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