My Ford Probe

Welcome to my 1997 Ford Probe GT Project. In the coming years I hope to customize my car to suite my driving and styling taste. There is no doubt the Ford Probe is one of the best looking cars Ford Motor Company has ever produced and not to mention one of the most fun to drive and own.
I Hope to take the Ford Probe GT from a sleek shaped commuter to a radical high adrenaline, high performance dream machine. The following is a list of everything I hope purchase, design or engineer for my Probe as well as list of aftermarket suppliers and manufactures.
To help You the Ford Probe enthusiast get the most out of your car. I have developed this web page to help you find the widest choice of products and services on the market. The ideal Probe for me may not be the ideal Probe you! The products here are to steer you towards the components that will help your Probe perform to your standards.

My Probe

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