My '97 Probe GT

At the present time my 1997 Ford Probe GT coming along slower than I had hoped, But in the coming months I hope to customize my car to suite my driving and styling taste. There is no doubt the Ford Probe is one of the best looking cars Ford Motor Company has ever produced and not to mention one of the most fun to drive and own.

There is only one problem, the aftermarket did not take to the Probe as did "Generation X." I want to do what the fast growing aftermarket did not do. That is to take the Ford Probe GT from a sleek shaped commuter to a radical high adrenaline, high performance dream machine.

Ford Probe GT .

Ford Probe GT
A few set backs have seen my white Probe GT go from bad to worse. Two accidents, then two break in's, which which reslted in the disappearance of my Supra style spoiler and someone walking off with one of my fog lights.

The Probe is down but not out. It will rise again. Now I am gathering parts in what will be the biggest part of my project to date, ultimately resulting in an original and sharp Ford Probe GT.

My Probe

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